The terrible demon Raktabija,causing a great deal of trouble with people and gods alike but even worse was his ability to produce more demons every time a drop of his blood spilt to the ground. Therefore, each time Raktabija was attacked, the only result was more demons to deal with. Shivani then made a divine energy from the dark part of her own-self, and produce one super being that could destroy Raktabija. Shakti, after killing Raktabija, created her own realm and went for mediation to make he own world and people. When Jitantak called her , Shakti came towards Earth relm and continue to protect the mortals. She is widely revered as the hand killer, a fighter character. It is said that she can't be killed by any mortal.

  • Shakti
  • Height
  • 5' 11 "
  • Weight
  • 175 pounds
  • Powers
  • Superhuman strength and stamina, resistance of injury.
  • Abilities
  • Fighter with real hand to hand fighting and various sword battle style. Don't fear anything and can start fighting with almost anyone.Back to Characters

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