Jivan was a air force pilot and loves to fly high. Once flying towards Himalaya he was attacked by enemy missile and his plane crashed near a temple where he was introduced to a monk who saw that Jivan has got Akshtra Kundali. The monk opened his kundali and shown him the path to gain strength. Within 14 weeks spending time and energy, Jivan touched the way to become one of the greatest warrior who can fly and does have GOD speed do have the ability like immortals. He started getting powers day by day and eventually faced the shadow snakes (a race who takes power from human fear) and fight them. Eventually he was mentored and guided by Akshay. He is known as the eternal sworn enemy of the Nāga serpent race. Back to Characters

  • Jivan
  • Height
  • 6' 3 "
  • Weight
  • 210 pounds
  • Powers
  • Can fly in any distance with super sonic speed,use archaic weaponry—particularly maces, nets, spears, and shields. Inhuman strength.
  • Abilities
  • Ability to breathe underwater by the sea god Poseidon. Can fly to any distance and can fight to any demon without fear. He is fearless.Back to Characters

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