One of the fastest and powerful character, he is considered as the protector of all. He takes manifest forms or avatars across various ages or periods to save humanity from evil beings, demons or Asuras.He is a close friend of OM

  • Vishnu
  • Height
  • 6' 4 "
  • Weight
  • Depends
  • Powers
  • Can increase or decrease hight and weigth. Super power, can fly or appear in any place multiple times. Can appear in various places in one time. Can replicate his own avatar.
  • Abilities
  • He has an extended lifespan augmented (although not immortal).By chanting and performing an ancient ritual, Akshaya can also invoke the berserker rage to increase his strength. His skin and bones are several times denser than those of mortals, granting him extreme resistance to injury. He can call Sudarshan Chakra and throw it to the enemy nearby.Back to Characters

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