Dipanjan Basak


Vajra, is a Indian superhero with power of thunder. Dipanjan, is a supermodel based in Kolkata, one day he went for a long drive with his girl friend Shreoshi, near the area of Kolaghat, few goons attacked them and killed Dipanjan. His girlfriend was raped. They put Dipanjan's body in a nearby factory area, where few camical reaction happens. All of a sudden a huge thunder blast happened in that area and Dipanjan became alive with great Thunder Power. His half dead girl friend also striked by the tunderd and eventually will burn her full body, but got ability to run faster than light.

  • Dipanjan Basak
  • Height
  • 5' 9 " "
  • Weight
  • 146 lbs
  • Powers
  • Thunder, Fly
  • Abilities
  • Master of fighting. Ability to strike with thunder powers. Can fly from one area to another if there is wind. Back to Characters

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